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Stow Colour Collections

Essential Colours

Our new Stow Colours range is as comprehensive in its variety of shades as it can possibly be!


Our Essential Colours are also available in these sizes:

Essential Bricks

Essential Bevel Bricks



All Colours:

£50.40 per M²


(100 pcs per M²)


Minimum order: 1 M²



Not included. Please ask us to quote.

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01608 658993



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  • Stow Essential Colours 100x100 Multicoloured

Essential Colours are great and economic way to add a splash of modernity. Stow Essential Colours 100x100.

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Colours available for Essential Colours 100x100mm

Click on the images to enlarge.

  • Stow Colours White SCG1
  • Stow Colours Victorian Cream SCV2
  • Stow Colours Lemon Ice SCG53
  • Stow Colours Magnolia Satin SCS14
  • Stow Colours Peach Sorbet SCG36
  • Stow Colours Sun Haze SCG50
  • Stow Colours Pumpkin SCG55
  • Stow Colours Tomato SCG19
  • Stow Colours Thistle Gloss SCG25
  • Stow Colours Victorian Maroon SCV4
  • Stow Colours Capuccino SCG8
  • Stow Colours Mint Water SCG45
  • Stow Colours Rice SCG23
  • Stow Colours Harebell Satin SCS42
  • Stow Colours Harebell SCG32
  • Stow Colours Shark SCG11
  • Stow Colours Shark Satin SCS15
  • Stow Colours Storm Grey SCG24
  • Stow Colours Wood Pigeon SCG9
  • Stow Colours Hawk Grey SCG7
  • Stow Colours Peppermint SCG43
  • Stow Colours Duck Egg SCG28
  • Stow Colours Victorian Green SCV5
  • Stow Colours Teal SCG16
  • Stow Colours Bluebell SCG330
  • Stow Colours Ocean Blue SCG44
  • Stow Colours Victorian Blue SCV3
  • Stow Colours Black Satin SCS13
  • Stow Colours Black SCG 6

Stow Colour Collections

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Contemporary Classics

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Esential Colours

Esential Bricks

Esential Bevel Bricks

Colour Pallet Pop Art Stoneware Bricks  

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Commissions on tiles

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Client's comments

Our narrowboat - "Blanche" - has finally arrived at her home mooring in Nantwich and I have finally got round to taking pictures of her. I want to say thank you so much for the tiles, they really make the whole of the front cabin a show piece. Everyone who has been on board loves the mural and the cows. 
CR Staffs