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Hand Painted Tiles

Bugs and Insects


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Another timeless range of hand painted wall tiles - Bugs and Insects are an excellent choice on their own or as an accompaniment to other ranges of tiles. We have found that they are good inset into any of the stone, glass or ceramic mosaics featured on this website and of course can be surrounded with coloured tiles of any hue.

Also, don’t forget that we can hand paint these onto any of our white or cream wall tiles - just tell us when ordering what size you require. See our plain tiles page for all the formats of tiles we decorate on.

See how great our Bugs and Insects are with our
Tile Murals



All Hand Painted designs:

£18.00 ea.

(Prices inc. VAT)


Formats Available:

Any size tile format.
white or cream.

Shown here on Colour Palette - Clematis 100x100x10mm

Can also be painted on any suitable plain tile from our range.



Not included. Please ask us to quote.

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01608 658993



Bugs and Insects hand painted on Snowdrop 100x100x10mm

Bugs and Insects hand painted on Snowdrop 100x100x10mm


Designs available for Hand Painted Bugs & Insects Tiles

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Client's comments

I just had to write to say how pleased we are with the lovely olive tree tiles you designed for us I thought you might like to see a picture of them in place. Not the best angle as it doesn’t do it justice but it will give you some idea. 
BC - Oxon