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Tile Restoration - Broad Street Bristol

Broad Street Bristol - Edward Everard Print Works

Edward Everard Print Works

We were involved in a large tile restoration project in Broad Street Bristol. We were approached by Shaylors Building Contractors from Birmingham to reproduce missing tiles from a large grade 1 listed ceramic mural that faced an old printing works in the city centre.

The entire face of the Edward Everard print works in Broad Street is made of ceramic tiles, pillars, bricks and columns. In1900 printer Edward Everard wanted to expand his existing premises, so he decided to build a modern printing works in the city centre, which would be a monument to the history of printing. It was designed by Henry Williams, a Bristol architect, and the front facade was designed and made by the 19th century sculptor W.J. Neatby.

Neatby was was in charge of the department of architectural ceramics at Doultons and developed a type of ceramic that was coined Carrara Ware because of its resemblance to the marble from Carrara, Italy. The design was influenced by Everard and depicted the printers Gutenberg, the father of printing, and William Morris, the leading figure of the craftwork revival.

The reproduction of the missing tiles was a challenge to us, as to get an exact match to the existing tiles was seemingly impossible. Although we did not use exactly the same techniques as Neatby used, we were able to produce equivalent tiles that matched the originals extremely well. Many hours of research and trial and error have gone into making the replacement pieces. The following gallery hopefully will give a taste of how we did it!

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